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Throughout the year 2018, SCA received more than 2.9 million patient consultations, 58% of whom were women.


SCA’s Health Activities in 2019:

Implementation of SEHATMANDI project in Wardak:    

In January 2019, SCA was awarded with the new Sehatmandi contract to implement BPHS and EPHS interventions in Wardak province of Afghanistan until June 30, 2021. The Sehatmandi project is different from its predecessor System of (SEHAT) project that SCA implemented in Wardak and Laghman during 2013-2018. The current contract is performance based and utilizes various means to calculate deductions if the contract fails to achieve required targets within the given timeframe of six months. SCA provides health services to a population of 655,462 individuals through one provincial hospital, 2 district hospitals, 9 comprehensive health centers, 26 Basic Health Centers, 36 Primary Health Centers, 2 mobile health units, 1 prison health clinic and 397 health posts.

Community Midwifery Education (CME) Programme :

To address shortage of midwives, SCA through its own fund implementing community midwifery education programme in Laghman, Samangan and Wardak provinces. Until December 2018, total 381 midwives were graduated from SCA-managed community midwifery schools in Laghman, Samangan, Wardak, Kunduz and Sar e Pol provinces. At present,20 more students are receiving their 24 months pre-service training at n Samangan Community Midwifery School.

Community Health Nursing Education (CHNE) Programme:

To address overall shortage of female health workers particularly in rural areas, community health nursing schools have been established in Laghman, Samangan and Wardak provinces of Afghanistan through SCA own fund. So far,117 nurses have graduated from above three Community Nursing Schools. Besides, 45 female students in Wardak and Samangan provinces are currently enrolled to pursue their two years’ diploma in community nursing.

Learning for Healthy Life:

SCA is educating illiterate women and girls in reproductive age group in Laghman, Wardak and Balkh provinces to make them able to make decisions regarding their reproductive health through a project called “Learning for Healthy Life (LHL)”. In 2019, around 3500 women in three provinces will benefit from this program through nine months special tailored 138 classes.

School Health:

School health program is currently being executed in Balkh, Laghman and Wardak provinces to promote health and safety of young people and help them establish lifelong healthy behavior. In 2019, 21 schools with around 9 thousand students in three provinces will benefit from this project.

Midwives Mentorship Programme:

 In order to develop the professional capacity of midwives and make them able to provide quality and safe maternal and newborn services, SCA in partnership with Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) kicked off the midwives’ mentorship program in Sar e Pul, Samangan and Wardak provinces for the first time in 2010-2011. In 2019, midwives at 30 remote health facilities in Laghman, Samangan and Wardak provinces will benefit from this project.

Smart Paper Technology:

Smart Paper Technology (SPT) is a hybrid conventional paper and digital technology which allows child health data to be captured on smart paper forms by health workers, subsequently scanned and digitalized. The project is currently being implemented in twenty-three health facilities of Laghman. The project will be scaled to 21 more health facilities in Laghman and Wardak in 2019.